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Our Product Ranges



Please take a look at some of our products past & present, we add new products to the range annually and provide bespoke products to a select few clients who have a requirement for individuality in their dessert lines. Our Ladybird ranges provide a hot range of products and some defrostable traditional cheesecakes to balance the dessert menu from a single supplier.




Stack Parfait

These slightly smaller parfait desserts are ideal for customers with a smaller appetite who still want the full dining experience. Available in 3 flavours, the Schoko Banoffee Stack, Soft Fruit Pavlova Stack & the Caribeea Mascarpone Fruit Stack. 

Parfait Desserts

Our individual freezer to table parfait desserts are the perfect way to end a romantic dinner or a decadent meal out. These rich, sweet and tasty parfait ice-creams have a unique texture and are a truly delicious treat.

Meringues & Pavlovas

Our meringues and Pavlovas combine the softest parfait ice-cream, rich sauces and handmade meringue to provide you with a rich sweet dining experience.

Gluten Free Desserts

We have a selection of Gluten Free desserts across most of our ranges, whether that be lollies, parfaits, meringues or hot desserts. We have something that Coeliacs sufferers can enjoy without worry.

Ice-cream Cheesecakes

Our ice-cream cheesecakes are truly innovative creating the perfect balance between a cheesecake and a parfait ice-cream resulting in a wastage free individual freezer to table cheesecake that can be eaten straight away, no defrosting required.

Ladybird Hot Desserts

Our Ladybird range of hot desserts provides you with a balanced dessert menu from a single supplier and as they are all individual portions and truly microwave to table, there's no wastage!

Defrostable Cheesecakes

For those establishments who require a more traditional approach to cheesecake, the defrostable cheesecakes are perfect for you. Ready to eat in approximately 1 hour to 90 minutes at room temperature, these desserts may not be as convenient as the freezer to table options, but they are excellent quality and truly delicious. We now also have a range of reduced fat cheesecakes in this range.

Vegan Desserts

We have added a range of 3 Vegan desserts in 2019 to complement our existing ranges. We are always looking for inclusive ranges to develop and are already looking at what "Free From" desserts we can produce, the ultimate goal being free from all allergens!

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